The ancient village of Warkworth is probably best known for its well-preserved medieval castle, church and hermitage.

Use the interactive map to find all the race information and road closures by clicking on the icons embedded within it.

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Communities - ETA

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Full road closure

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Rolling road closures

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Taxi Ranks

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Car Park restrictions

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Parking restrictions


Road Closures:


Eisberg Sprint 2:

Specialist riders within each team will sprint through Warkworth towards the Sprint 2 finish line on the Castle bank.

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There will be a full road closure of the A1068 to Warkworth between 12:30-14.15.  A rolling road closure will be in place to the south of Warkworth for a period at any time between 13:20-14:10.

Road closures will be kept in place for as short a time as possible, but there will be some disruption - please plan your journeys with this in mind.

Estimated Time of Arrival: 13:44

The lead cars and outriders will arrive around 20 minutes ahead of the lead riders.


Please click on the icons within the map for both car park and on-street parking restrictions.

There will be no parking on the race route.  Please park away from the route and with consideration to local residents and businesses.

More Info:

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