The town’s name is derived from its location as it is situated at the end of Hadrian’s Wall and home to Segedunum Roman Fort, which protects the eastern end of the wall. 

Visitors can explore Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum for an insight into the days of the Roman Empire and Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The attraction draws visitors from around the world.

Use the interactive map to find all the race information and road closures by clicking on the icons embedded within it.

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Communities - ETA

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Full road closure

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Rolling road closures

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Taxi Ranks

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Car Park restrictions

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Parking restrictions



Road Closures:

 A rolling road closure will be in place around Wallsend for a period of time between 


Estimated Time of Arrival: 15:23.

The lead cars and outriders will arrive around 20 minutes ahead of the lead riders.

Please click on the icons within the map for both car park and on-street parking restrictions.

There will be no parking on the race route.  Please park away from the route and with consideration to local residents and businesses.

More Info:

For more information on what to see and do around Wallsend head to

The gateway to Hadrian’s Wall, it is the most excavated fort along the wall and features a 35 metre viewing tower and large interactive museum. Wallsend has a famous history of shipbuilding. The original Wigham Richardson shipyard merged to form Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, best known for building the RMS Mauretania. Much of Wallsend’s history was driven by coal mining, with seven pits active between 1778 and 1935 at Wallsend Colliery. The town hosts an annual festival and fireworks display.