The village has a turbulent history and was often sacked in Medieval times. From the 12th century until recently, the village was noted for its water and corn mills




Use the interactive map to find all the race information and road closures by clicking on the icons embedded within it.

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Communities - ETA

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Full road closure

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Rolling road closures

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Taxi Ranks

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Car Park restrictions

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Parking restrictions


Estimated Time of Arrival: 13:16.

The lead cars and outriders will arrive around 20 minutes ahead of the lead riders.



Please click on the icons within the map for both car park and on-street parking restrictions.

There will be no parking on the race route.  Please park away from the route and with consideration to local residents and businesses.

Road Closures:

There will be a rolling road closure on the B1339 for a period between 12:40-13:45.  There will be a full road closure of Station Road from the junction with the B1339 to Denwick between 12:45-13:35.

Road closures will be kept in place for as short a time as possible, but will inevitably cause some disruption - please plan your journeys around these times

More Info: