Tour of Britain 2019 - Stage 3

North of Tyne

NTCA copy.png
On Monday 9 September - North of Tyne hosts Stage 3 of the Tour of Britain. See it from start to finish and north to south.
Welcome to Stage 3 of the Tour of Britain through the wonderful North of Tyne.
This website will provide you with everything that you need to know about where and when to see the race, the traffic management and road closures associated with the race and where to get the best vantage points.
The interactive map below takes you through every twist and turn of the route, shows you extent of both rolling and full road closures as well as the ETA's in each community the race passes through. Throughout August the information will be refined and added to as we get more information from the race organisers.
The map below shows the route of Stage 3 as it passes through North of Tyne, with an interactive map available below, this is subject to confirmation and change. The final route will be confirmed in August when full map and all the final road closure information will be available.
The whole route community by community, with road closure details and timings, is now available alongside information visitors will need to be best placed to spectate the race throughout the North of Tyne. Vital information for residents and businesses will be included to ensure communities can go about their daily life as the event takes place.